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Fast User Switching

Werewolf is two plugins for JIRA and Confluence which allow switching to any user from any place in JIRA or Confluence.

Switch to any user from any place in JIRA or Confluence just one click.


One click switching

With the Werewolf you can turn to any user in one click. And than you can see the world through his eyes without login neither password.

Switch Permission

Just real Werewolf can switch users. The right to become a werewolf at any time can be given to different groups of users. And use a lot of places to switch. 



10 users

$ 10

25 users

$ 25

50 users

$ 50

100 users

$ 50

250 users

$ 100

500 users

$ 100

2000 users

$ 100

10000 users

$ 100

10000+ users

$ 100
  • renewal costs 50% from initial purchase
  • you can get free licenses of add-on while using our hosting 
  • for JIRA Server 7.0 or later, the add-on tier should match the maximum tier of the licensed JIRA applications on your instance


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