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Terms of use


  • For using hosting for 25 users or higher you have to provide a license for Product. Licenses for 10 users are provided by us (not including licenses for add-ons).

  • You can provide your license or purchase any license through us.

  • All licenses can be bought with one-time payment or with installment payment plan.

  • Installment payment plan is requires 12 months hosting contract. After the end of the contract you can get your license or prolong it usage on our hosting.

  • Any add-ons need licenses as well.

System Administrator Privileges

  • We give to clients system administrator rights (jira system administrator). You will be able to install any add-ons, services, listeners, SMTP/POP and other "dangerous" stuff:)

  • But we can get access to your system with administrative purpose


  • All requests about hosting work, add-ons installation, products consulting and others should be registered in our Online HelpDesk system. In case of unavailability of online system, you can leave requests about system or module fail trough the phone. 

  • Hosting client get access to Online HelpDesk system right after hosting instance installation. All hosting clients are serviced under SLA-4 support level.

  • Adding to your instance an add-on without setting up is free. Works on setting up Product or any add-on is a paid service and made after estimation and getting payment.  


  • Your instance backup is performed daily form 2 up to 4 AM. At this time your system could be unavailable. All backups  are stored for 2 weeks.

  • Instances version updates are made under support request, but not often than once per 3 months. Updates are made only if there is version x.x.1 or higher or if there is critical bugfix versions.

  • After payment delay your instance will be unavailable in 5 days. You will get access to your instance in 1 day after payment.

  • All data are stored for 3 months after paid period is ended. In 3 months all data are deleted.

  • After end of hosting you will get backup of your data. 

Your domain

  • On default your instance will have domain name like (example

  • If you would like to use your own domain (like, please make support request


  • All content on your instance must conform with Russian and European Union legislation

  • Placement of pornographic or extremist materials is prohibited. 

  • SPAM-mailing is prohibited.

  • Instance will be stopped after first violation and deleted after second violation.