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The simplest way to start work. At once!

Expert hosting of Atlassian products: JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, FishEye, Crucible, Crowd with any add-on you need


What we offer  

Trust us care about your applications hosted on our servers. It's good opportunity to focus on your business, not on needed infrastructure.

We install your apps with needed configuration, make up support plan and do consulting on products usage.

Products on our hosting can be integrated with other services, you can use all our add-ons for free and pay any method.

Free options for hosting
  • Switching-on Yandex.Metrics or Google Analytics

  • Integration with external applications (Bitbucket, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, others)

  • Working on HTTPS 

  • Migration from Atlassian Cloud

  • Update

Also our hosting includes free support on SLA-4

Reaction time*


What includes***

1 hour since support request registration

Online HelpDesk


Remote Access

Technical support:

  • application failure 

  • application module failure

Consulting on Products usage

Planned upgrades and health check


*- technical support for system failure is available 24/7. Other types of support is available on working days from 10.00 to 18.00 MSK.

 All support requests should be registered in online HelpDesk (available 24/7).

** - Phone support is available on working days from 10.00 to 18.00 MSK. 

 Remote access can be made through RDP-connection / TeamViewer / GotoMeeting

*** - for more information see Hosting Terms of use

Comparison Teamlead hosting with Atlassian Cloud

 We are often asked what the difference between our hosting and Atlassian Cloud. So here is the list of differences:

  • You can get hosting for JIRA 20 users only for $30/month

  • You can buy Product license by installments and will get your license for self-hosted use after hosting.

  • We are hosting all DevTools: Bitbucket, Bamboo , FishEye , Crucible .

  • You can install any add-on, plugin or service you need, our plugins on hosting for you will be free of charge

  • You can use your domain name -  for example,

  • Integration with Active Directory, LDAP and etc.

  • Configuring your SMTP
  • Full system administrator rights (Jira System Administrator)

  • The response time on our hosting is 5 times faster. Try ping on 80 port on our hosting and Atlassian Cloud

  • You can pay any convenient method (PayPal, any credit card, bank transfer) 


Share our experience to get from Atlassian products a maximum performance



On-line and full-time courses for Atlassian products for admins, users and developers


We can develop integration, processing and other plugins and add-ons