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Support Portal

Give customers free access to support and give all people in your company ability to resolve issues without additional cost



The best way to do HelpDesk for thousands external users

Customer Portal

This is a simple user interface for the most popular operations: create, view own and comment issues. 

You can configure Similar Issues Custom Field. Find Similar Issues helps to minimize number of duplicate issues within JIRA. 

SLA Custom Field

You can configure SLA in JIRA in ten minutes using HelpDesk for JIRA. We can control duration time of issue being in a specific step of the Workflows.




E-Mail handler

When using standard mail handler all newly created users get into jira-core group, so that they consume the license. This is not the best way to use JIRA licenses when you have a lot of external users which are not supposed to log into JIRA.


10 users

$ 10

25 users

$ 120

50 users

$ 220

100 users

$ 400

250 users

$ 800

500 users

$ 1200

2000 users

$ 1600

10000 users

$ 2000

10000+ users

$ 2400
  • renewal costs 50% from initial purchase
  • you can get free licenses of add-on while using our hosting 
  • for JIRA Server 7.0 or later, the add-on tier should match the maximum tier of the licensed JIRA applications on your instance


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