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Meet our experts!

Our aim is to help your team to improve workflow, adjust your system and get maximum efficient from your business. 


Migration to Cloud

Looking for the best way to Cloud migration? We can help you to move smoothly and safely.

Consult on Products you need to achieve your goals

Give us your requirements and we will tell you what Products and add-ons will work for you. We will make project solution for you to show how Products can really help your team to improve your work.

Adjustment your system 

Projects and workflows, schemes and security, right and permissions. From implementation to advanced tuning - for JIRA and Confluence. 

Do custom development

If your project needs more than Products can give it's time to appeal to our developers. They can code really amazing things :)

Integrate Atlassian Products

Almost gone teams who uses only one Atlassian product. Integration between JIRA and Confluence, Bamboo and Bitbucket, build in add-ons - is not easy, but very important part of work. 

Set integration with external applications

AD directory, Microsoft tools or Google apps  - you don't have to transfer data by hands. We will teach your applications work with Atlassian stack. 

Tune Zephyr and Tempo 

Teamlead is an official partner of Tempo and Zephyr. Our experts can give professional advice on how to adjust and use this products efficiently.


We believe in what we do and support all our solutions not only in time of project, but during 6 months after to be sure everything works right. 


We deliver licenses for Atlassian products and all Marketplace's add-ons



Reliable access to your application in the cloud with our support experts


On-line and full-time courses for Atlassian products for admins, users and developers