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Continuous integration and delivery management.

Bamboo does more than just run builds and tests. It connects issues, commits, test results, and deploys.



Build, Test, Deploy

Continuous delivery

Support "delivery" in continuous delivery. Automate releases while controlling the flow with per-environment permissions. Details like JIRA issues, commits, and approvals follow each release of your application from development to production.

Bring testing to dev branches

 Adopting feature branching or a branch-per-issue workflow doesn't mean sacrificing code quality. Bamboo detects new branches in Git, Mercurial, and SVN repositories, then automatically applies the main line's CI scheme to them. Use the branch builds straight away, or customize their triggers, variables and notification settings.

Get more out of JIRA

Get actionable information with JIRA integration. Link issues to dev branches to see real-time build status, get related build results and vital stats inside issues, track each issue's progression through your environments and see a roll-up of all JIRA issues and commits in each release candidate.

Freedom to innovate

Bamboo is suitable for any language, as well as other popular technologies like Git, Mercurial and SVN enjoy native support. Bamboo scales with you as your technology stack evolves.

Better automation for releases

Set up CI builds as normal and feed the resulting build artefacts into deployment projects. Combine home-grown scripts, smoke tests and 3rd-party technologies to define the deployment steps for each environment. Deployments can be triggered automatically, on a schedule or ad-hoc with manual triggers.

Bamboo in the stack 

Bamboo brings continuous integration to your teams - not just in your development process, but across the entire Atlassian stack for better, faster software delivery.

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