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For example, you can create the following custom fields:

"Start Date" and "Finish Date".

Calendar Server Version

Adding these fields to the screens is not necessary.

Calendar Cloud Version

Add Start/Finish custom fields to Crate and Edit Issue screens, otherwise the issues will not be visible in the calendar.

The field types can be Date Picker if you have whole-day issues only or Date Time Picker if you need issues to start and finish at precise time.

After creating the fields you need to go to JIRA Administration menu \ Add-ons \ Calendar and specify there generated field names. You can only choose one field type. If the "Start Date" is of type "Date", then the "End Date" must also be of the same type:


Show month:Calendar month view *.
Show week:Calendar week view *.
Show day:Calendar day view *.
Assignee Avatar in Issue Tab:Displays the assignee's avatar on the issues for any calendar view.
Assignee Name in Issue Tab :Displays the assignee's full name on the issues for any calendar view.

* This configure works to display the calendar in the project, issue and calendar interface. You can set as default any view.

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