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Only server version

Press Calendar's Cog button/ Set Up/ Advanced

Keep time in issue fields for all-day planningWorks in pair with "All tasks to all day". When checked, issues are shown as all-day tasks but start time and finish time keep their custom values
All tasks to all dayIf checked all issues are shown as for whole day tasks and the time of issues converts to 00:00-23:59. The issues in Week view are shown in "All-day" upper part of calendar
Use All day section to show issues planned on some full-time daysIf checked issues that have the time 00:00-23:59 or from workday beginning to the workday ending (see Show Time setting at Calendar layout) are shown as for whole day tasks in Week view "All-day" upper part of calendar. Other issues are shown in time grid below.
Show time in calendar eventsIf checked the start time and finish time of issue is shown in calendar view
Time formatSelect 12 or 24 hours time format
Group bySelect grouping by assignee or no grouping in Timeline View or Day view
JIRA groups to limit "Group by" itemsChoose groups of users to be shown in Timeline View or Day view with "Group by" enabled
Groups which users can edit issues on the calendarOnly users of listed groups can edit issues on the calendar (move, expand, shrink) according user's project permissions. If no group is selected any user can edit issues according to their project/issue permissions
Timezone supportWhen checked the issues time is shown according to timezone of user set in computer settings (ignoring JIRA timezone)
Original estimate should not be changedIf checked the changes of issue's duration in Calendar will not affect on issue's Original estimate. When unchecked original estimate changes accordingly to issue duration.
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