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Release Summary

Join filters by OR was added

New Features

  1. Join Filters by OR was added
  2. Hotkeys to manage calendar issues were added
  3. "Group by assignee" in Advanced section was added
  4. Attribute in "Advanced" section to choose jira groups - Jira groups to limit "Group by" items was added
  5. Russian translation was added to all administrator menu
  6. Cosmetics improvements

Fixed Bugs

  1. Dissapearing issues when switching view modes was fixed
  2. Quick filter enabling bug was fixed
  3. Adding one extra day bug was fixed
  4. Hide issues filter bug was solved
  5. Not closing JQL dialog window bug was fixed
  6. Strange symbols on navigation buttons after checking 'group by' bug was fixed 
  7. Loosing assignee when moving issues in calendar bug was fixed
  8. Not showing unassigned issues bug was fixed
  9. Page refresh after issue edit bug was fixed
  10. All-day issues view bug was fixed



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